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Donors 2013


Donors 2013

Dec/23 /2013

Thank you, Joaquin Beltran Quibrera, for once again sponsoring my stay at your lovely apartment in La Paz during November and December 2013. It was a wonderful refuge to come back to between parts of the swim! and thank you for allowing my assistant Giacomo Mencarini to stay there also while we were preparing different parts of the swim. Thank you also for the lovely breakfast you invited me to on the day before my departure and the many times you came to the apartment to help with whatever was needed!

Thank you, Giacomo Mencarini, for thirty nine days of total support! Working with an assistant made everything so easy for me! You cooked every single meal for me and typed every single email during that time, as well as feeding me bananas and yogurt off the boat while I was swimming, guarding the camp when we stayed in isolated areas while I swam, and the many hugs you provided me!

Thank you, Jorge Villegas Ivich, for accommodating me for two weeks while I recovered from the accident, and taking me to the hospital and various medical appointments as well as to the police, pharmacy and the myriad other appointments you drove me to!

Thank you, Cecy Murguia, for the tremendous emotional support you provided me during my days of recovery from the accident and you accompanying me on three beautiful day trips to get to know your beautiful state!

Thank you, Pablo Pino , for one day of sponsored boat support in the San Jose del Cabo area. It was a delight working with you, and you were one of the best boat captains I have ever had!

Thank you, Don Giottonini , for one day of sponsored boat support that gave me the opportunity to swim through North America’s largest coral reef, Cabo Pulmo.
Thank you also for 6 nights accommodation and all the meals at your beautiful and spacious home in Los Barriles. I really enjoyed your gracious hospitality!

Thank you, Tessa Knits, for two nights accommodation in your beautiful oceanfront home near Los Barriles. it was my first introduction to a no fat, raw, vegan diet. thank you also for the ride to the San Jose del Cabo organic market that gave me the opportunity to purchase organic supplies for my swim.

Thank you, Cici, for your wonderful massage when I was really sore after a long swim day.
And thank you for the amazing  chocolates you brought when you accompanied  me on my swim day with Don’s boat support.

Renate Herberger MA
Tel. En México: 01152 1 624 8558
“Swimming for Marine Sanctuaries”

Oct/26 /2013

Thanks very much to Aqualung Canada for your kind donation of a marvelous wetsuit, 2 pairs of fins, 1 snorkel,  2 masks and one pair of goggles on October 26, 2013.

Much appreciated!

Mermaid Greetings,

Oct/18 /2013

Thank you, Mike Verran, for your donation of $100 toward the 2013 /2014 swim season.

Thank you, Jordan Batchelor, Sales and Membership Services manager at the IMax theater in Victoria, British Columbia, for your kind donation of two IMax tickets for fundraising purposes, as well as your donation of 20 tickets at a 20% discount.

Oct 1, 2013

Thank you, Karen Hodgson, for your much appreciated contribution of $50.00 on September 26, 2013. This is the first donation towards the 2013 and 2014 swim activist season!

May 24, 2013

Thank you, Cynthia Beltran and Joaquim Beltran, for allowing me to stay in your apartment for the full six weeks I was in La Paz, Baja, Mexico. It was an immense relief to not have to move every few days to another location and to have safety and peace while I taught in the various schools in the area and completed sections of the swim while camping along the way. Just to know I could come back to a safe haven made the whole Mexico swim so much easier to organize and so much more comfortable!

Thank you, Alfonso Beltran, for picking me up and dropping me off at the airport and inviting me to a wonderful dinner on arrival! Thank you Beltran family, for your wonderful friendship all these years!

 Renate Herberger  MA

Thank you, Giovana from Naranjito School, for hosting me one night when I had all my plans fall through. It was wonderful spending a night with a teacher and we shared a truly heartfelt conversation until late into the night about our lives. With all the luxury hotels provide this is something that only staying with a family can offer!

Thank you, Ninoska Gomez, owner of Estudio Los Amendros,, for hosting me for seven nights, in your meditative space. It was incredible to share evenings of dance therapy and yoga and movement studies in one of the most beautiful dance studios I have ever been. I loved my little cabin and the shared potluck dinners with all the amazing ladies that were visiting at the same time.  You attract the most wonderful artists! Thank you also for always taking the time to inquire how my day was, and sharing all your amazing research with me.

Thank you, Virgina, owner of Luz de Luna,, for hosting me for 4 nights at your lovely hotel. I really enjoyed my cabin and it was wonderful to be right next to the beach!

Thank you, Aria, for inviting me into your wonderful home in the jungle above Santa Teresa! I enjoyed spending time with your family and teaching you how to swim in your sublime swimming pool!

Thank you, Alberto, owner of Cocozuma Traveler,, for sponsoring for the fourth time for my transportation from Herradura to Montezuma by boat. It is wonderful that I can always count on you to support me!

Thank you, Monica, owner of Hotel Villas Hermosa,, for two wonderful nights at your extraordinary hotel. What a dream to spend the night in a honey moon suite-even without a new groom I loved meeting your family and being able to show your children one of my marine conservation movies. I actually managed to relax while I stayed with you!

Thank you, Wendy and family, for hosting me for eleven nights in your home and feeding me and taking me to so many different places. I so enjoyed living with your family and sharing so much time. Your hospitality was such a gift.

Thank you, Jaime Lara, for hosting me in your home in Cuajiniquil for my last night on the Pacific coast, and driving me to the bus depot in Liberia.

Thank you, Nidia Lobo, for hosting me in your home for the last days of my stay in Costa Rica. Thank you also for connecting me with your family to be able to stay a few days in the Caribbean. Thank you, Rene, for organizing the hotel in Puerto Viejo and covering the entire bill for my 5 nights there. Thank you also for paying my bus transportation there and back, and the wonderful meals in your home!

Thank you, Hotel Si Como No,, for a wonderful night in your fabulous hotel in Manuel Antonio Park! Your buffet breakfast is the best in all of Costa Rica, and the view from the breakfast patio is incomperable! I especcialy appreciate your sponsorship at the very last moment, when everything else had fallen apart!

Thank you, Hotel La Mariposa,, for three nights accomidation and meals. Your pool has got the best view in the country! I especially want to thank Luis for spending his day off accompaning me by kayak for a whole 8 hour day of swimming through Manuel Antonio Park.

Thank you, Esther Vindas Aguilar,, Principal of San Josecito School, for hosting me for two nights in her private home and feeding me the most wonderful meals! I always enjoy staying in private homes of teachers for who I do marine conservation presentations, and San Josecito school is my very favourite place to teach in all of Costa Rica! thank you for allowing me access to your students to teach in a totally holistic way and mostly outdoors!

Thank you Ranchos Remo,, for hosting me for 6 nights in your spectacularly beautiful site! You have the best view in all of Costa Rica! I enjoyed the dinners with your family and feel very grateful for having had an opportunity to stay where I could be high above the ocean and see Her in all of her regal splendor! Thank you also for the rides up and down the mountain!

Thank you, Reserva Playa Tortuga,, for hosting me for 4 nights in your field station, and for a chance to net work with your staff and volunteers. Thank you also, Melissa, for accompanying me for an entire teaching day in a very remote rural school, San Josecito.

Thank you, Hotel Villas Gaia,, for hosting me for 4 nights, with all the meals included. I felt so warmly welcomed by all the staff, and it was a great pleasure for me to be able to give WATSU water therapy sessions to so many staff members! Ive really enjoyed getting to know the owners Luuc and Ana, and look forward to future collaberations in marine protection and education in the area.

Thank you, Drake Bay Wilderness Resort,, for once again hosting me for 8 nights at your wonderful refuge in my favorite location in Costa Rica! A special thank you to Marleni and Adrian for your love and kindness towards me and sharing special moments and prayers on the first anniversary of my son’s passing. I received the terrible news exactly one year ago while I stayed at Drake Bay Wilderness Resort and everyone was so kind and compassionate towards me. You made me feel like I was a part of your family. As always, the meals were fabulous and included in the sponsorship, as well as laundry services and even a massage! I miss you all, and hope next time to be able to give a WATSU water therapy session to every single employee!

Dear Mar Y Luna Hotel in Golfito,, for hosting me for four nights, from January 4th through 7th. This is the second time Mar Y Luna has sponsored me and I’m very thankful for being able to stay so close to my boat support. It is wonderful to just step outside and step into the boat from the dock Mar Y Luna owns! The meals were wonderful and fully sponsored, and it was lovely to be able to see friends because of the easy access. Thank you, Daniel, for your warmth and generosity towards me! It made for a wonderful start for my 6th swim!

Many thanks to Hotel Parador for hosting me for 13 nights with all my meals and special services included. This was my second time being sponsored by Hotel Parador and it is most certainly my favorite hotel in all of Costa Rica! The service is spectacular and I always feel so honored and well taken care of when I’m there. Specials thanks to Jorge Rodriguez, the manager of Hotel Parador, for his immense generosity towards me. I wouldn’t be able to do my activist work without his kind and loving support!

Renate Herberger

May 11, 2013

Thank you so much, Dawne Deeley, for supporting this season’s swims with $5000. This is the 6th season in a row that Dawne Deeley has been my principal financial sponsor, and I am so grateful to have this steady support to do these long hauls wins.


Renate Herberger  MA
In Costa Rica 011 506 8554 8266
Home: 001 250 656 1312
Cell:    001 250 858 6511
11120 Rosborough Road
North Saanich, BC
V8L 5M3

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